Friday, 9 March 2012

An Innocent Pastime: My Farm.

 The packet promised free chillies, so I planted its contents.

It is growing magic chillies that my cellphone camera cannot focus on.


iffi said...

Oh my. I haven't been able to grow these babies for some years because of my nomadic job. Miss that, a lot.

Looks like Hot Lemon? Lots of growth but few prices.. But excellent taste!

saradwyn3 said...

I come by here every now & again to see if you've blogged...leaving nose prints on my window to the internet : ) Best Wishes!

Glyn said...

Hi! Still alive here. I've been hibernating over winter, and now I'm working on secret projects.

I've eaten about 50 chillies off those plants and they are still alive growing more.